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Cities, Towns, and Suburbs: Local Government in a Time of Peak Oil and Climate Change
This report outlines action that local governments can take to prepare for and address the challenges that peak oil and climate change will bring to local communities.

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Top Energy Star Cities Announced: Washington, D.C. Leads Nation followed by Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York
Every year, EPA ranks metro areas according to which had the most ENERGY STAR certified buildings in the past year. This year, Washington, D.C., debuts in the top spot with 480 buildings. EPA’s Energy Star Top Cities list shows how cities across America, with help from Energy Star, are embracing energy efficiency as an effective way to save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that fuel climate change.

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Issue Summary

Local governments play an important role in reducing indoor and outdoor air pollution and the impacts of climate change by educating communities about air quality issues and participating in air quality improvement policies, programs or initiatives in buildings they own and/or manage, transportation and energy programs, and land use decisions.


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