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New Landfill Gas Energy Project Development Handbook Released
The U.S. EPA Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP) has released a new LFG Energy Project Development Handbook. The handbook provides LFG energy project development guidance and is available online for viewing and printing. This edition expands on project-specific considerations and provides additional information for stakeholders who are new to LFG energy. Examples of successful LFG energy projects have been updated, along with online resources that provide comprehensive details and helpful tools. The handbook covers:

For more information: Landfill Gas Energy Project Development Handbook

Definition of Solid Waste Revised to Encourage Recycling
A final rule under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act streamlines regulation of hazardous secondary materials when they are recycled by reclamation. EPA's regulation maintains strong protection of human health and the environment by limiting the streamlined requirements to specific, legitimate recycling activities.

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Issue Summary

Local governments can reduce and manage solid and hazardous wastes and construction debris through effective landfill operations, waste reduction and recycling programs, public education, and other policies and practices.


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